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Harry Jakamarra – Little Southern Girl
Carla Geneve – Music Industry
Cash Savage – Good Citizens
Spacey Jane – Sawteeth
Tram Cops – Even in My Dreams
Darren Middleton – Some People
Peter Sonic – Mess Around Your Room
Alice Skye – Sit and Wonder
Hannah Cameron – What’s It For
Ryan Downey – Those Eyes That Answer
Pete Murray – Heartbeats
Jeremy Loops – Waves
Ashley Naylor (Even) – Stop and Go Man
BOATSHOW – Restless
GAMJEE – Welcome The Seeds
Mama Kin Spender – Sweet Eddie
Clews – Museum
The Hard Aches – Happy
Mia Dyson – Fool
Deer Tick – Me and My Man
Stella Angelico – Heartstrong
Asha Jefferies – Chaos
Slaughter Beach, Dog – Bad Beer
Killing Heidi – Calm Down (Melbourne Music Week)
Lakyn – West (Melbourne Music Week)
Big Words – The Answer
Riley Pearce – Misplaced
Jess Locke – Universe
Angie McMahon – Slow Mover
Timberwolf – Ikaros (Adelaide)
Banjo Jackson – Mortgage (Adelaide)
Aidan Jazzy Jones – Whispers (Adelaide)
The Winter Gypsy – Bojke
Evan Klar – Shoulders
Davey Lane – I’ll Forget Yr Name
Didirri – Jude
Alexander Biggs – Figure It Out
Clea – Bright Blue
WAAX – Same Same
Lewis Watson – Little Light
WAAX – Same Same
Cool Out Sun – Yellelle Skins
The Teskey Brothers – Crying Shame
The Peep Tempel – Rayguns
Strangers – Mirrorland
Harbours – Room Without A View
Miles & Simone – Never Leave
Delsinki Records & Brooke Taylor – Autumn (Break Me Delicately)
Alex Watts – Hopeful
The Sinking Teeth – Salt & Stitches
Residual – Haunt
Ceres – ’91 Your House
Cousin Tony’s Brand New Firebird – Melbourne Bitter
Millington – Being
Amy Shark – Adore
Alex Lahey – L-L-L-Leave Me Alone
Paul Dempsey – Idiot Oracle (MMW)
Cub Sport – Come On Mess Me Up
Max Quinn – Waterloo
Pretty City – Melt
Slowly Slowly – Chamomile
Gavin James – Nervous
Ben Wright Smith – Sand Grabber
Josh Rennie-Hynes – Picture Frame
Bec Sandridge – In The Fog, In The Flame
Tom West – The Greatest Thing on Earth (Adelaide)
Joe Mungovan – My Jumper
Donnarumma – Love Your Man (Adelaide)
Delia Obst – Here’s To Now (Adelaide)
Mia Wray – My Name is Grace
Gretta Ray – Don’t Let Her Love Hold You Down
Sahara Beck – I’ve Got A Friend
Alex Gow (Oh Mercy) + Dan Kelly – Without You
Dan Kelly + Alex Gow (Oh Mercy) – Everything’s Amazing
Sam Brittain – Stab In The Dark
Nadia Reid – Richard
With Confidence – Keeper
Koral – Little Sister
Tinpan Orange – Rich Man
Bush Gothic – Botany Bay
Lamb Boulevard – Here We Go
Hands Like Houses – New Romantics
Hein Cooper – Rusty
The Franklin Electric – Strongest Man Alive
Little Brother – Chloe
HOWQUA – City Sounds
The Scrimshaw Four – Glassy Eyed Over You
Woodlock – Fortress (MMW)
Montaigne – Clip My Wings
Mike Waters – Feels Like Home
The Getaway Plan – Where The City Meets The Sea
Ash Grunwald – Second Guess
Woodlock – Sirens
Kaurna Cronin – Forgetting The Blue
Tim Wheatley – Valerie
Naked Bodies – Circus Song
Lepers & Crooks – Shuffle
Harrison Storm – Sense of Home
Josh Pyke – Hollering Hearts
Dylan Joel – Numbers
Patrick James – California Song
Tired Lion – I Don’t Think You Like Me
Benjamin James Caldwell – Father Oh Father
Tiny Little Houses
Forest Falls
Lurch & Chief
Gordi – Taken Blame
Remi – Sangria
Sweet Jean – I See Stars
Brooklyn’s Finest – UFO (Sneaky Sound System Cover)
Brooklyn’s Finest – I Started a Fire
Benny Walker – The Fool
Benny Walker – Will There Be Light
Davey Lane – In The Light of The Sun
The Growlers – Black Memories
The Growlers – Purgatory Drive
Shaun Kirk – Two Hands on the Wheel
Davey Lane – This Is Hell
Shaun Kirk – Tranquility
British India – Wrong Direction
Bam Bam – Bags Packed
Bam Bam – Better Man
Jakubi – Superstition (Stevie Wonder Cover)
Husky – Lover Lover Lover (Leonard Cohen Cover)
Jakubi – Couch Potato
Saint Joan – Husky
Olivers Army – Help Me Find My Way
Marlon Williams – Silent Passage (Bob Carpenter Cover)
Marlon Williams – Strange Things
Drunk Mums – Nanganator
Howling Bells – Original Sin
Howling Bells – Slowburn
Kashmere Club – The Company
Bonjah – Evolution
Bonjah – Beautiful Wild
Jack Carty – Be Like the Water
Seagull – Unclaimed Luggage
Jack Carty – Honey, Do You Know The Way Back Home?
Seagull – Fading Away
Kashmere Club – The Chain (Fleetwood Mac)
Kashmere Club – Winnin’
RED INK – Battlescars
Vance Joy – Dancing in the Dark (Bruce Springsteen)
RED INK – Melancholia
Ron Pope – Lick My Wounds
Ron Pope – Atlanta
Mietta – Why (Reprise) ft. Nathan Slater
Kingswood – I Can Feel That You Don’t Love Me
Kingswood – Sucker Punch
Al Parkinson – Like This
Sam Brittain – Holding Onto Hope
Holy Holy – House of Cards
Ball Park Music – It’s Nice To Be Alive
Ball Park Music – She Only Loves Me When I’m There
Sally Seltmann – Seed Of Doubt
Lester The Fierce – January
Tully on Tully – Stay
Jimmy Tait – Eyes
Skyscrapper Stan and the Commision Flats – Bruce
Darren Middleton – Let Go
Hamish Anderson – Winter
Five Mile Town – The Lucky Ones
Five Mile Town – If I’m Asleep
Little Scout – Are You Life
Stonefield – Put Your Curse On Me
The Pierce Brothers – The Tallest Teepee in Town
The Basics – So Hard For You
Grizzly Jim Lawrie – Good Old Days
Grizzly Jim Lawrie – Midnight Run
Eliza Hull – Ready For The Fall
Eliza Hull – Northern Lights
Eskimo Joe – Got What You Need
Eskimo Joe – Black Fingernails, Red Wine
Bears With Guns – Winter Tree
Bears With Guns – Taken For a Fool
Velma Grove – Liquor Store
Velma Grove – Lavers Hill
Josh Pyke – Leeward Side
Josh Pyke – The Summer
Josh Pyke – Memories & Dust
I, a Man – Less Travelled
Soul Safari – Say Your Name
Soul Safari – Forgiveness
Texture Like Sun – Bottle
Texture Like Sun – Weekend
Ali Barter – Run You Down
The Harry James Angus Band – Just a Gigolo
Vance Joy – Riptide
The Smith Street Band – Sigourney Weaver
DEWOLFF – Don’t you go up the Sky
Better Than The Wizards – Take a Chance ft. Fresh Prince of Bell-Air
The Corsairs – Rich Kids
BONJAH – Somewhere Anywhere

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